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Once you have invested in a Westfalia system, spare parts are a key component to keep your material handling system running. With any type of machine, there is going to be the occasional unforeseeable issue. While it is hard to prevent these incidents, it is possible to prepare. Having access to spare parts (especially for critical wear items) and technical resources, as well as understanding the right procedures, can help you take corrective action and minimize downtime when an unexpected issue surfaces.

因为se of the combined experience of our service staff, we are able to minimize downtime, while providing you with continued quality service and products necessary to keep your system moving. All Westfalia parts are either manufactured or sourced by Westfalia to ensure quality and meet the safety standards of our equipment.

Our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction doesn’t end with installation. At Westfalia, we have a team of dedicated, technically-trained technicians that will help determine if you need parts for your system and what parts you need. Westfalia supplies all of our customers with a spare parts list to re-order at any time.

“We don’t just sell parts, we sell the satisfaction of knowing that at any point you need help, we will be here.”Chris Mecier, Customer Support Manager

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