Savanna.NET®conforms to your business

Westfalia®Savanna.NET®is a unique warehousing solution comprised of tightly integratedWarehouse Management System(WMS)和Warehouse Control System(WCS) software that conforms to your business processes.

With its flexible modular structure supporting both stand-alone conventional and automated warehouses, Savanna.NET®is configured to enhance each client's business processes. This warehouse execution software solution optimizes, manages and controls any storage facility, saving time and money, while also positioning the company for future growth.

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Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES)

What sets Westfalia’s Savanna.NET®WES apart?

The combination of expertise and experience we bring to the table makes us the ideal warehouse execution system vendors for your operations. Our warehouse execution system (WES) software is designed with the flexibility to meet each customer’s specific business needs. Having been born from automation,Savanna.NET®optimally coordinates the work performed by automated material handling equipment, as well as those tasks performed manually, more effectively than many other WES applications. While automation technology can offer a variety of features, the reality is that most customers will only use a few of them. Therefore, it is vital to incorporate flexible, intelligent warehouse management software at the core of the facility in order to maximize your investment.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, Savanna.NET®韦斯提供一个fl的整体协调exible warehouse management system and a warehouse control system into a single application. This software solution offers real-time views of inventory management, order management, labor status, and other key performance indicators crucial to efficient warehouse operations, as well as the direction of material handling equipment, such as anautomated storage/retrieval system(AS/RS). Due to its automation history and flexible structure, Savanna.NET®enables companies of all sizes to select only the specific functionality needed to address their warehousing system needs. Utilizing an integrated warehouse execution system such as Savanna.NET®gives companies the flexibility to grow their business and allow the WES to grow with them.

Westfalia'sSavanna.NET®WES helps your company address the following issues:

  • Delayed information due to manual data entry
  • Inaccurate information in your inventory management system
  • Late invoicing for customers
  • Difficulty tracking inventory moved within your warehouse facilities

TheSavanna.NET®WMS-WCS advantage:

  • Optimizes material flows providing more efficient use of warehouse space and equipment
  • Easy-to-use, tab style interface provides real-time information
  • Increases order accuracy resulting in improved customer service
  • Reduces losses from stolen, damaged or misrouted products
  • Increases throughput and labor productivity
  • Can be integrated seamlessly with existing networks or host-based systems provided there is a mechanism for the electronic exchange of information

Why Savanna.NET®WES

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