Quality, reliability and flexibility are what define a Westfalia Automated Warehouse System

Westfalia's automated storage systems developed over 20 years ago and proven every day since, have many unique features that are quite attractive to those seeking new solutions in the field of automated storage.

The personalized support and customized solutions we provide our customers are matched only by the innovation of our products. Our warehouse automation technology, such as ourautomated storage and retrieval systems(AS/RS) and Savanna.NET®warehouse execution system(WES), are truly industry leading. In fact, some of today’s mostprominent manufacturers and distributorsrely on our solutions to improve efficiencies, maximize space, raise throughput, streamline materials handling and cut costs within their warehousing operations. And, unlike many technologies that quickly become obsolete or outdated, our solutions are designed for long-term use. Their quality, reliability and flexibility give customers the ability to adapt to changing market conditions now and in the future.

From the moment the idea of improving your warehousing and material handling systems arises, Westfalia is your reliable and innovative partner offering the following solutions:

Westfalia Storage/Retrieval Machine (S/RM) in rack

Our Mission:To deliver unparalleled warehousing solutions by earning the trust of our customers, understanding their business needs and honoring the commitments we make.