Storage space is at a premium for consumers, manufacturers and distributors. Many people turn to industrialself-storage facilitiesas an off-site storage option, especially in urban areas, near colleges and schools, or in dense industrial areas. Traditional self-storage facilities can be problematic because of security concerns, access issues, and the difficulty of moving goods into and out of storage bays. Automated self-storage units overcome these obstacles while providing the necessary space at a reasonable cost.


Westfalia Automated Self Storage System S/RM

Secure Storage With Automated Self-Storage Systems

Westfalia Technologies的自动存储系统可随时访问存储单元,并不断监控安全性和安心。这些单元是受气候控制的,因此用户无需担心温度,湿度或灰尘和污染其贵重物品。每个单元最多可以存储16,000磅的货物。此外,这些单元足够大,可以容纳汽车,船或拖车以完全灵活。

How Automated Storage Units Benefit Your Business

At Westfalia Technologies, our team works with you to custom-design your automated storage to fit your facility, so you achieve maximum storage space. We ensure that your installation meets building codes, so you don’t have to worry. You can even stack units up to 15 levels high, dramatically increasing your rentable space.

Using automated storage units can increase the net leasable area in your facility up to 25 percent, while reducing your operating costs nearly 50 percent. You never have to turn away business because you don’t have an “appropriate” unit for a customer — since every unit is equally accessible and delivered right to the customer on the loading dock.

由于位置不良,您并没有被迫打折某些单元。每个存储模块都位于质量空间中 - 就在加载码头旁边。更好的是,您不必跟踪存储模块的位置 - 该软件为您做到这一点。

我们的自动存储系统使用Savanna.NET®为存储和retr仓库管理软件ieval of the pods. This self storage management software tracks and records all module activity, so you have complete records of every action.


Customers dislike storage locations that are on high floors, far from the elevators or in dark corners. With automated self-storage, those concerns are eliminated. There’s no waiting for shared elevators, hauling belongings down long hallways, or security concerns. Every module is equally accessible and conveniently delivered right to the customer on the loading dock.

Westfalia Technologies: Your Self-Storage Building Manufacturer

Westfalia Technologies has many years of experience inautomation storage and retrieval systemsacross a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications. Our self storage building manufacturing team understands your industry, and we can offer a complete turnkey system, including design, installation, racks, modules and software. Our self storage building systems are high quality, secure and cost effective.


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