Chemical & Industrial Automated Storage Solutions

Chemical and industrial manufacturers deal with a lot of pressures associated with the manufacturing of products that in most instances, are considered to be “harsh” environments. Industrial material and chemical handling equipment and its workers are both subjected to extreme temperatures and substances during daily operations, making it difficult to maintain maximum efficiency.

The profitability of chemical and industrial manufacturers is closely linked to efficient operations, making it important for operational approaches to be scalable, reliable and efficient.

With automated chemical handling and chemical warehouse automation, Westfalia specializes in optimizing warehouse processes and maximizing efficiencies and savings. Our growing customer base reflects an unparalleled ability to deliver customized solutions for the chemical and industrial industry with unsurpassed quality and control.

Automated storage solutions for the chemical and industrial industries:

Chemical & Industrial

Key Features & Solutions:

  • Industrial storage solutions for low bay or high bay facilities for both conventional and new-build
  • Integrated Warehouse Management System/Warehouse Control System (WMS/WCS) ensures inventory accuracy
  • Pallets supported on 3-rail system, thereby eliminating deflection/breakage
  • Modern, non-pneumatic operation
  • Inbound and outbound product can be staged
  • If desired, multiple load access points can be designed in the system, varying by length
  • Multiple Storage/Retrieval Machines (S/RMs) can be used in back-up mode, if needed


Present raw materials when required for the selected recipe, then re-store the unused portions, all while maintaining accurate inventory control

  • Westfalia industrial material handling systems can adjust to any reconfiguration and move empty (or unused) pallets into buffer racks, where they are housed
  • Increase throughput while maximizing available storage space
  • Optimize processes and control of product flows
  • Product safety check and quality control
  • Lower sustainable operating costs
  • Labor and energy savings
  • Complete tracking of product throughout operation
“We selected Westfalia’s Satellite® AS/RS simply because it’s the superior product.”Doug Hartlove, Manager of Engineering, Firmenich

Chemical & Industrial Customers:

Chemical & Industrial Case Studies:

Martin Limestone

Martin Limestone

Westfalia installed a Kuka Palletizing System for Martin Limestone, a supplier of pulverized agricultural limestone, crushed limestone, and white quartzite sand at the company’s Gap, Pa. facility. The new system includes a KR-180 Kuka Robotic Palletizer, infeed conveyors for one line, pallet dispenser, slipsheet dispenser, pallet conveyor system, and Wulftec Stretchwrapping System.

“The concept for the Martin system fit well with the 40” rise in elevation at discharge...

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Firmenich Inc.

Firmenich Inc.

Firmenich Inc., the world's largest privately owned manufacturer of flavors and fragrances installed Westfalia's Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) in conjunction with Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management System (WMS) to support their operations at their Plainsboro, N.J. facility.

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