Beverage Industry Automated Storage Solutions

Consumers have become more knowledgeable about their drink choices, forcing manufacturers to continuously introduce new brands and flavors. As the beverage industry continues to grow and generate more SKUs, manufacturers and distributors are struggling to find the necessary space for storing these products.

Anautomated storage and retrieval system(AS/RS) allows for better management of SKUs in a warehouse. The ability to accommodate for both slow and fast moving SKUs can be built into an AS/RS design. Integrating awarehouse execution system(WES) with the AS/RS, organizations have total control over their inventory, whether it is a slow-moving beverage for the winter months, or a drink that is popular all year round. Therefore, without having to worry about inventory and maximizing space, manufacturers and distributors can focus on more critical areas, like fulfilling orders.

Today, one of the most promising solutions for achieving a competitive advantage is warehouse automation technology.


Key Features & Solutions:

  • Solutions for low bay or high bay facilities – first load level can be as low as 20”
  • Warehouse Execution System (WES) - Savanna.NET®easily directs, controls and optimizes internal material flow and order picking throughout the warehouse
  • Can accommodate any order-picking strategy
  • Handle products of all shapes and sizes
  • Handles high and slow moving SKUs
  • Increase storage capacity within a limited space
  • Durable equipment built for freezer, refrigerated or ambient environments
  • All stainless steel construction providing easy equipment wash down
  • Establish efficient picking processes, routes and sequences to enable better overall performance of the warehouse
  • Complete tracking of product throughout the operation


  • AS/RS lightens the load for workers as the automation handles all the transportation of product.
  • Better SKU management due to consumption patterns and seasonality spikes
  • Improved accommodation of slow-moving SKUs
  • Improvement of inventory accuracies and faster response times
  • No need to prepare and stage orders in advance of trucks arriving
  • Increase in throughput using less space
  • Eliminates unusable space and height restrictions while increasing lane depth
  • 劳动力和能源节约
  • Lower sustainable operating costs
  • Increased productivity by linking a warehouse directly to production
  • Product safety check and quality control
  • Maximizes available storage space, leaving additional capacity to handle new customers
“A key design factor that Westfalia presented was the re-purposing of existing warehousing.”Jeff Conder, Vice President of Manufacturing, Sazerac Company, Inc - Buffalo Trace Distillery

Beverage Case Studies:

Heaven Hill Distillery

Heaven Hill Distillery

Founded shortly after Prohibition ended in Bardstown, Kentucky, Heaven Hill Brands (Heaven Hill) is America's largest family-owned and operated distilled spirits producer and marketer. Their brands have grown beyond the company’s traditional roots as a Bourbon distiller to become the country's sixth largest overall distilled spirits producer and marketer with a portfolio of well-known, innovative and relevant products. Over the past 80 years, Heaven Hill has expanded its export business to...

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Glenmore Distillery

Glenmore Distillery

The Glenmore Distillery has been a fixture in the Owensboro Community since the late 1800s. Originally called the Monarch Distillery, James Thompson re-named it The Glenmore Distillery after the Glenmore Castle near his birthplace in County Derry, Northern Ireland. During prohibition, The Glenmore Distillery was fortunate enough to be one of four distilleries in the country allowed to operate on a limited scale for medicinal necessity.

In March of 2009 the Sazerac Company...

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