Pharmaceutical Industry Automated Storage Solutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors are continuously being challenged to increase output while improving operational efficiency as automation in pharmaceutical industry increases, playing a key role in pharmaceutical warehouse deisgn. However, setting the framework for the pharmaceutical industry are the strict quality and safety standards. With these strict requirements, manufacturers and distributors must pay close attention to all details in the production and distribution process, making inventory management in pharmaceutical industry an important element, in effort to reduce the risk of product recalls, and protect consumers’.

Pharmaceutical companies are turning to fully automated warehouse solutions to meet the industries strict requirements and internal operational challenges, creating pharmaceutical storage solutions that benefit them. Warehouse automation provides real-time insight for quality control without the need for human contact with the substances that are being manufactured, aiding in pharmaceutical warehouse management. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination and improves employee safety.

Automation via anautomated storage and retrieval system(AS/RS) andwarehouse execution system(WES) increases the speed that products are moved in and out of the warehouse, providing increased productivity. Such automated equipment enable manufacturers to develop new drugs with shorter time-to-market metrics, while complying with strict regulations.

Pharmaceutical companies that invest in AS/RS will have gain a competitive advantage and lead the pharmaceutical industry into the future.


Key Features & Solutions:

  • Solutions for low bay or high bay facilities – first load level can be as low as 20”
  • Warehouse Execution System (WES) -Savanna.NET®provides real-time insight into products
  • Equipment manufactured for easy sanitation and wash down
  • Can accommodate any order-picking strategy
  • Handle products of all shapes and sizes
  • Handles high and slow moving SKUs
  • Durable equipment built for freezer, refrigerated or ambient environments
  • AS/RS moves the products through the warehouse, limiting human interaction


  • 在现有结构最大化可用的存储空间ctures, avoid off-site storage of pharmaceutical products and expansions
  • Increased productivity by linking a warehouse directly to production
  • Complete tracking of product throughout the operation
  • Product safety check and quality control
  • Minimizes overall building footprint (50%)
  • Improvement of inventory accuracies and faster response times
  • Reducing energy costs by 40% in cooler environments
  • Lower sustainable operating costs
  • Establish efficient picking processes, routes and sequences to enable better overall performance of the warehouse

Pharmaceutical Case Studies:



Grifols is a global healthcare company producing life-saving protein therapies and products in three healthcare divisions: bioscience therapy made from human plasma, hospital products and pharmacy IV solutions, and diagnostic tools for laboratory professionals. From their plasma donation centers, Grifols collects plasma from healthy and qualified donors to send to one of three state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities located in Barcelona, Spain, Los Angeles, California and Clayton, North Carolina.

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