Automated Self Storage Systems

A well-designed333manbetx is the new era for the self storage building industry.

Westfalia’s ultra-secure Automated Self Storage System provides self storage security solutions, operational efficiency for the owner and piece-of-mind for the tenants. As a facility owner, you can increase your net rentable area up to 25% and lower overall operating costs by as much as 50% with robotic storage systems. With the Floor Area Ration (FAR) calculated on one floor, you maximize land space to accommodate mixed-use and reduce parking requirements.

This unique storage solution delivers the tenants storage module to a safe & secure self storage loading area by a touch of a button, providing direct access to their individual module.Westfalia的自动存储系统为每个用户提供安全建筑物内的主要存储空间,并加快In/Out服务

Automated storage solutions for the warehouse self storage industry include:

Self Storage

Key Features & Solutions:

  • Customized to fit multiple building shapes, sizes and layouts
  • Ability to store up to 6 modules deep per lane and 2 to 15 levels high
  • Variety of storage module sizes - maximum module size is 10’ x 20’ which can be subdivided into standard industry sizes
  • 输送机可以根据需要旋转180度的模块
  • Storage/Retrieval Machine(S/RM) stores and retrieves modules and vehicles, handling a maximum load of 16,000 lbs.
  • Self storage software solutions & warehouse management/control system software (Savanna.NET®) manages and tracks all movements throughout the system
  • Climate controlled to protect valuables
  • Reduction in environmental pollutants


  • Increases operational efficiencies and net rentable space, as all spaces are considered a prime location
  • Quickly and quietly delivers the storage container to the customer at drive-up loading areas
  • 用户友好的系统可最大化用户的便利性并提高满意度
  • Inside security doors provides additional security and maintains pressurization
  • Maximizes available storage space, leaving additional capacity to handle new customers
  • Facilities can be built to LEED specifications including numerous energy-efficient features
“We were looking for an innovative, open-minded company with a proven track record”自动存储系统副总裁Paul Talley

Self Storage Case Studies:



Westfalia Technologies, Inc. was commissioned to develop a state-of-the-art automated self storage facility in Ft. Lauderdale Fla., RoboVault. This new venture was also a new era in the self storage industry which introduced Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), typically seen in the warehouse and manufacturing plant. RoboVault's unique self storage approach uses Westfalia's technology to provide users with maximum security, robotic self storage for high value objects. The facility combines...

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