Our automated conveyor systems are low maintenance, durable, reliable, and can be configured to meet the specific and unique demands of your application. Customized automated conveyor systems from Westfalia Technologies, Inc. reduce downtime, material handling and associated costs, and drive increased revenue.

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Westfalia turntable

Why Invest in Automated Conveyor Systems?

Material handling conveyors to add speed, efficiency and safety to any warehousing and shipping operation:

  • Automated conveyors enable faster transport of product from production to storage to staging area, especially in warehouse configurations with a great deal of distance to be covered, that are nonlinear, and/or involve vertical movement.
  • Along with greater speed, which can dramatically increase throughput, automated conveyor systems move products more smoothly, reducing or eliminating product and pallet damage. Product damage, especially when undetected, results in returns, reshipments, and ultimately, damage to customer relationships — or even lost customers.
  • In addition to speed and damage reduction, automated warehouse conveyor systems enable personnel to replace physically demanding, repetitive labor with tasks that add more efficiency to warehouse and shipping operations — and last but definitely not least, help to reduce injury, absence from work and downtime.

Material Handling Conveyors Move Your Products Safely and Efficiently

并非所有传送带系统制造商都欢迎定制 - 但我们这样做!我们全部pallet conveyor systems可以根据高度,宽度和速度来满足您的需求。我们的内部设计和工程团队利用最新的参数建模软件(SOLIDWORKS),该软件具有高水平的设计灵活性。我们的仓库输送机解决方案提供了更多的功能和防止破坏,从而使您的物料处理过程更有效,最终对您的业务有利可图。

Contact usnow to learn more about how our automated conveyor solutions can bring greater efficiency to your material handling processes.

Design Features of Westfalia Industrial Warehouse Conveyor Systems

  • Constructed using a steel frame, sand blasted and powder coated for durability and reliability
  • A variety of lengths, widths, belt types and roller finishes are available to meet your needs
  • Industrial-grade components, available off the shelf or from our parts department
  • 需要维护的区域很容易到达
  • 带有快速断开连接的电气组件
  • Explosion-proof and stainless steel models are available

仓库输送机系统 - 产品线

Westfalia offers a multitude of industrial conveyor systems to transport your products, including bag handling, specialized conveyors and pallet handling conveyors.


  • Bag closer conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • 紧凑的长度输送机
  • Incline transport conveyors
  • 包装器排放输送机

Specialized Conveyors

  • 积累输送机和馈线
  • Bag flatteners
  • Bag knock-down turner conveyors
  • 90-degree curve conveyors
  • Reject unit conveyors
  • Settler conveyors
  • 传输单元输送机


We offer both fixed direction palletized conveyer systems and change of direction units. Both types provide reliable, innovative pallet handling that transports and accumulates pallets smoothly.

Fixed direction pallet handling conveyors:

  • Air-chain accumulation conveyors
  • Chain driven live roller (CDLR) conveyors
  • 3-strand chain conveyors
  • Wire mesh belt conveyors

Change of direction pallet handling devices:

  • Right angle transfer
  • Transfer cars — handling one, two or four pallets at a time
  • Turntable

Vertical reciprocating conveyors (Lifts):

  • Single mast
  • Double mast


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