Westfalia's AS/RS Benefits Calculator will help manufacturers and distributors answer common questions related to the benefits of incorporatingAutomated Storage/Retrieval Systems(AS/RS) earlier in the planning process. This interactive AS/RS calculator provides users a preliminary look at what a high-density automated warehouse design would look like based on their own calculations. For a more detailed analysis of your specific warehouse requirements contact Westfalia'ssales teamor send us your calculated data below.

Step 1:What are the size of your current pallets?

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Step 2:How large is your building?

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Step 3:Describe your throughput (production / receiving)

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What could your high density warehouse look like?

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Aisles 4 Cranes 4
Bays per Aisle 53 Levels 13
Lane Facings 5,512 Pallets per Level 4,664
SRM type Pallets across width 4,664

Increased Storage

Square Feet Cubic Feet
Pallet Storage Sq Feet per Pallet

Benefits of high density storage

Reduce product damage and increase accuracy

In a conventional warehouse, transporting a high volume of heavy unit loads over long distances can lead to increased product damage and insufficient accuracy. An automated storage and retrieval system increases accuracy, productivity and greatly reduces product damage through the use of a Storage/Retrieval Machine (S/RM), designed with the flexibility to cover large horizontal and vertical distances.

With an average conventional product damage rate of0.5%, producing10,000,000cases annually using manual material handling applications, your current damage rate averages at5,000cases per year.

Utilizing an AS/RS eliminates this product damage by using precise laser positioning of the S/RM allowing for safe handling of pallets.Savanna.NET® Warehouse Management System (WMS)supports the AS/RS, tracking and controlling your inventory in realtime, thus increasing accuracy and eliminating product damage.

Labor Savings

自动存储和检索系统减少了labor costs while lowering workforce requirements and increasing safety. A typical conventional manually operated counterbalanced fork-truck, handles an average of 15 pallets per hour. Based on your required total throughput rates of205pallets per hour, an AS/RS utilizingTandemcranes, handling an average of85pallets per hour, does the work of15fork trucks.

Crane Style tandem Fork Trucks Replaced 2
Throughput Per Crane 55 Total Crane Throughput 50

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